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    Used ViewStations
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    Polycom ViewStation™ Videoconferencing Systems

    The ViewStation is a high bandwidth capable videoconference system suited to most video conferencing applications. A new standard for group videoconferencing systems. Polycom® offers a ViewStation model suited to fit any size business. Each delivers high-end group system quality and performance in an easy-to-use, convenient footprint—for a fraction of the price of other systems. ViewStation is ideal for most conferencing applications, providing network connectivity through a variety of protocols and pipelines.

    ViewStation SP 128: $799
    ViewStation 512:   $899
    Polycom ViewStation 512 system.

    ViewStation is one of the first systems to implement the H.263+ video standard for enhanced video quality up to 30 fps.

    ViewStation is the first videoconferencing system to include an embedded Web server and Webconference capabilities. For quick and easy presentations, Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides can be sent via the Web, from a locally attached, or remote PC, for display during a videoconference. This unique architecture also allows system management, diagnostics and software upgrades to be accessed anytime, anywhere.

    ViewStation H.323 software upgrade enables any ViewStation to support IP-based videoconferencing, offering the flexibility to place either H.320 or H.323 calls from the same ViewStation.

    An easy add-on to your current videoconferencing systems, each ViewStation is standards-based and interoperable with other systems. With its small footprint, about the size of this sheet of paper, ViewStation sits conveniently on top of any size S-Video or composite monitor. Additionally, ViewStation delivers Polycom market-leading audio technology, with an extendable microphone, for maximum sound clarity in small to large conference rooms.

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