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    SoundPoint IP

    Polycom SoundPoint IP telephones were early market leaders in Voice-Over-IP endpoints. Long known for sound quality and overall performance, the SoundPoint IP phones continues its leadership role in standards-based VoIP technology. Here you can purchase these phones in excellent condition, often in original packaging, for a fraction of the new price.

    SoundPoint IP 321 2-Line VoIP Telephone.

    Polycom SoundPoint 321 IP
    SoundPoint IP 321 is a rugged, two-line, SIP desktop business telephone set. It has a single 10/100 Ethernet port and is designed for common areas, such as lobbies, hallways, and break rooms, as well as various wall-mounted deployments.

    SoundPoint IP 450 3-Line VoIP Telephone.

    Polycom SoundPoint 450 IP
    SoundPoint IP 450 is a Mid-Range SIP, two-line, desktop phone with HD Voice. The SoundPoint IP 450 is perfect for cubicle/office workers handling a moderate volume of calls.

    SoundPoint IP 550 4-Line VoIP Telephone.

    Polycom SoundPoint 550 IP
    The SoundPoint IP 550 desktop phone has the HD Voice technology, four-lines, and easy-to-read graphical display. The SoundPoint IP 550 is certain to meet the needs of the most managers and professionals.

    SoundPoint IP 650 2-Line VoIP Telephone.

    Polycom SoundPoint 650 IP
    SoundPoint IP 650 is high performance IP phone with HD Voice. It offers six lines in standalone mode, and twelve lines as an attendant console, when used with SoundPoint IP Expansion Modules. Perfect for executive office, or call center with Expansion Module(s).

    Click for large view of a Polycom SoundPoint IP 670 VoIP Desktop Phone.

    Buy SoundPoint IP Online

    SoundPoint 321 IP:  $149
  • SoundPoint IP 321 Console
  • Base stand
  • Handset and Cord
  • Network (LAN) Cable
  • SoundPoint 450 IP:  $179
  • SoundPoint IP 450 Console
  • Base stand
  • Handset and Cord
  • Network (LAN) Cable
  • SoundPoint 550 IP:  $199
  • SoundPoint IP 550 Console
  • Base stand
  • Handset and Cord
  • Network (LAN) Cable
  • SoundPoint 650 IP:  $199
  • SoundPoint IP 650 Console
  • Base stand
  • Handset and Cord
  • Network (LAN) Cable

  • SoundPoint IP Series
    The SoundPoint IP line of desktop phones utilize Polycom's award-winning Acoustic Clarity Technology to deliver exceptional sound quality for full-duplex interactive conversations that are as natural as being there. The SoundPoint IP phones support multiple protocols (SIP, MGCP) running on the leading IP PBX and softswitch vendors' solutions (Digium, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Sphere, Pingtel, and many more). They operate on AC Power, IEEE PoE (Power over Ethernet), or Cisco PoE. Secure provisioning and field upgrade capability make Polycom the smart choice for VoIP.

    SoundPoint IP Compatibility
    Polycom SoundPoint IP connects directly to your Ethernet LAN connection provided you have a compatible VoIP switch of your own or you are subscribed to a compatible hosted VoIP service. Most hosted VoIP services are compatible with Polycom because Polycom led the market to VoIP and is still a market leader in IP telephony. Polycom phones are compatible with Asterisk based switches and Broadsoft among others. Asterisk is an Open Source VoIP telephone system developed by Digium and thousands of freelance programmers. Digium's Switchvox is one of hundreds of switches derived from Asterisk. Broadsoft is a switch used by many of the world's largest Internet and Communications Service Providers. You may call us at 847-289-1100 to verify that your provider or switch supports Polycom VoIP phones.

    GAVX No Risk Solution:
    Complete System, Professional Packaging, Install Support, Warranty with Technical Support, and GAVX No Remorse Upgrade Option.

    We also offer Polycom's currently available line of videoconference products. We would love for your company to purchase these cutting edge products from us.

    Today's economy has affected budgets and made us all very aware of the need to justify our technology investments. However, rigid investment justification processes are not new to successful businesses. This is why we created our no remorse policy.

    GAVX No Remorse Upgrade Option:
    If a GAVX customer purchases a pre-owned system and decides that they would prefer a newer or more advanced system; that customer may trade-in the system originally purchased from GAVX, at full purchase value, toward another GAVX provided system of an equal or greater value any time within the first 90 days.

    Video System . US is your Polycom videoconference equipment price and service value store.
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    SoundPoint Access
    Universal AC Kit: $22
  • Use with SPIP 321, SPIP 331
  • Use with SPIP 335 SPIP 450
  • 24V, 0.5A, NA Power Plug
  • New in Box
  • Power Supply IP 321.
    Universal AC Kit: $10
  • Use with SPIP 320, 330, 430
  • SPIP 550, 601& SPIP 650
  • 24V, 0.5A, NA Power Plug
  • New in Box
  • Power Supply for SPIP 650
    Universal AC Kit: $31
  • Use with SPIP 560 and 670
  • 48V, 0.4A, NA Power Plug
  • New in Box
  • Power Supply for SPIP 650
    Expansion Module: $247
  • Backlit Expansion Module
  • SoundPoint IP 650 SIP
  • New in Box
  • Power Supply for SPIP 650
    Service Agreements
    SoundPoint IP All Models One Year $18
    Three Year $43
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