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    Used Polycom VSX 7000s

    VSX 7000s video conferencing system is complete with subwoofer, microphone array, remote, cables, installation support and a 90 day warranty.

    The VSX 7000 codec can be mounted on the wall or set right on top of a TV Set. The camera is built into the top of the videoconference codec. All connections are made to the back of the codec. This style, called a Set-Top, is very popular for its simplicity.

    Polycom VSX 7000s, 7400s or 7800s codec.

    VSX 7000s System
    The VSX 7000s comes with a built-in PTZ camera and remote control. The camera is controlled by the remote to pan left or right, tilt up or down, and zoom in or out. The 7000 also comes with a single microphone array which encloses three (3) microphones. The mic pod easily covers a 20x20 ft. room with up to 20 people.

    VSX 7400s Presenter
    The VSX 7400s includes all of the VSX 7000s components plus the People+Content IP software option for network connection to a PC for content sharing.

    VSX 7800s Presenter MP
    The VSX 7800s includes all of the VSX 7400s components plus the People+Content IP software option for network connection to a PC and a Visual Concert VSX for a secure direct connection to a PC for content sharing.

    Polycom VSX 7000s rear view with connection interfaces.

    A/V & Network Connectivity
    VCR inputs, VCR recording, multiple display types and much more can be simultaneously installed and utilized in different configurations. IP connectivity is standard. There are optional interfaces for ISDN BRI, PRI, and serial connection to the system.

    GAVX No Risk Solution:
    Complete System, Professional Packaging, Install Support, Warranty with Technical Support, and GAVX No Remorse Upgrade Option.

    We also offer Polycom's currently available line of videoconference products. We would love for your company to purchase these cutting edge products from us.

    VSX 7000s subwoofer, microphone, remote and cables.

    Buy VSX 7000s Online

    Polycom VSX 7000s:  $499
  • VSX7000s Codec/Camera Base Unit
  • Subwoofer, Mic Array & Remote
  • VSX 7000s w/ Visual Concert  $549
  • VSX7000s Codec/Camera Base Unit
  • Subwoofer, Mic Array & Remote
  • Visual Concert VSX
  • VSX 7000s w/ P+C IP:  $599
  • VSX7000 Codec/Camera Base Unit
  • Subwoofer, Mic Array & Remote
  • People+Content IP Key
  • VSX 7400s Presenter:  $629
  • VSX7000s Codec/Camera Base Unit
  • Subwoofer, Mic Array & Remote
  • People+Content IP Key
  • Visual Concert VSX
  • 7800s Presenter MP:  $899
  • VSX7000s Codec/Camera Base Unit
  • Subwoofer, Mic Array & Remote
  • People+Content IP Key
  • Visual Concert VSX
  • MPPlus 4-Site Multipoint Option Key
    • VSX 7000s Specifications
    • Set-Top Design
    • IP data rates up to 2Mbps (H.323 & SIP)
    • H.320 for ISDN QBRI/PRI
    • Serial V.35/RS-449/RS-530 to 2Mpbs
    • H.264 Bandwidth Optimized Video
    • ProMotionTM H.263 (50/60 fps)
    • Use TV, Plasma, CRT or Projector
    • XGA or NTSC Display Format
    • Polycom PowerCam Camera Built-In
    • IR Remote PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Control
    • PowerCam IR Control of VSX7000
    • Dual Monitor Emulation puts People+Content on Single Monitor
    • Siren 14TM Audio Clarity
    • Voice Clarity during Simultaneous Conversations with Polycom StereoSurroundTM
    • Industry Best IP QoS with iPriorityTM
    • Included Microphone Array has Three (3) Mics for True 360° Coverage
    • One Microphone Arrays can be Added
    • Embedded AES Encryption Security
    • Multipoint Plus Option Key Available

    Today's economy has affected budgets and made us all very aware of the need to justify our technology investments. However, rigid investment justification processes are not new to successful businesses. This is why we created our no remorse policy.

    GAVX No Remorse Upgrade Option:
    If a GAVX customer purchases a pre-owned system and decides that they would prefer a newer or more advanced system; that customer may trade-in the system originally purchased from GAVX, at full purchase value, toward another GAVX provided system of an equal or greater value any time within the first 90 days.

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    PowerCam: $399
  • PowerCam Aux Camera

  • Visual Concert: $79
  • New Visual Concert VSX
  • New Cable Set

  • VSX Subwoofer $199
  • Powers VSX Codec
  • 100-240V Power Supply
  • For VSX 5000/6000/7000
  • Subwoofer Speaker Incl

  • Mic Array: $199
  • VSX Microphone Array
  • 10' or 30' Cable

  • Remote Control: $99
  • VSX Remote Control

  • Quad BRI: $499
  • Quad BRI Module
  • Four 20' ISDN Cables